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New Share Issue -


Patent pending

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New Share Issue - result

Unfortunately, New Share Issue of Etiam Inc. carried out from May 23rd till June 30th 2016 didn’t reach the minimum total number of subscribed shares required for successful New Share Issue and thus, the New Share Issue is cancelled.

We sincerely thank all subscribers who were looking forward to joining in an exciting journey of LENR with Etiam Inc. We wish to offer a similar opportunity in the future.

We are looking forward to resolving the financing of the development work by seeking alternative funding opportunities.



Launch of New Share Issue

Etiam Ltd's new share issue begins on May 23^rd and ends on June 30^th , 2016. Please feel welcome to study Etiam as an investment opportunity through our web site.

New Share Issue



Announcement - new share issue

Etiam Ltd's extraordinary general meeting has decided to arrange a new share issue. Upcoming announcement of the new share issue will be published on Etiam's website in the near future.

"We wish to welcome everyone to join in with our new share issue. Etiam has managed to make the LENR work with relatively low budget so far. By the help of the new share issue we wish to push forward our persistent work for LENR" states Dr. Elers, Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Thank you to all our supporters!

We have been asked a number of times what have we done and if there is some information that we can publish.

Here it is - Part 1.

Studies on a thermal energy system_part1


Thermal-energy producing system and method
Patents pending, including a patent application EP2783369

The patent applications deal with, but are not limited to, materials and conditions promoting the formation and storage of Rydberg matter, and the utilization of hydrogen and doping elements capable of forming Rydberg matter preferably comprising lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, nitrogen, nickel, silver, copper, palladium, titanium or yttrium for producing thermal energy.

In the patent applications a reference is made to David Bohm's book "Quantum Theory", Courier Dover Publications, 1951. Dr. Bohm describes the resonance of a wave function of a particle (e.g. a proton) in a quantum well system. In certain resonance conditions (harmonic oscillator) remarkable penetration of the wave function of a particle (e.g. a proton) through a potential barrier, e.g. the Coulomb barrier, is feasible. Long-lived metastable excited states of a fused nucleus are possible. The emission of a number of relatively low-energy photons from the system is possible when the metastable nucleus decays over some longer time in other ways than by re-emission of the incident particle (e.g. a proton).

Etiam Oy (Inc.) founded in 2009 and located in Espoo, Finland, develops and manufactures innovative products for energy production utilizing alternative energy sources.


Etiam Ltd. has secured a private funding round for further development of the LENR technology.

"We are very pleased to close new financing round and grateful to our new financiers. This enables us to continue fascinating and challenging development of the LENR technology targeting on commercial applications," states Dr. Elers, Chairman of Etiam Ltd